Khayef Yekoon Hobek خايف يكون حبك (I’m Afraid That Your Love Is…) Um Kalthum

Lyrics: Ahmed Ramy
Composition: Ahmed Sabry Elngreedy

I’m afraid that your love is out of pity خايف يكون حبك فيا شفقة عليا
And to me, you’re like my eyesight وانتى اللى فى الدنيا ليا ضى عنيا
See?, I’m infatuated with you, I can’t get over you شفت انى مغرم بهواك ولا باسلاك
I’m totally OK when you’re avoidant as well as when you’re pleased with me راضى بجفاك وبرضاك خالص النية
I’m pathetic to you صعبت يا روحى عليكى
is that what you want? وده يرضيك
as long as you own my life, be compassionate with me مادام حياتى فى ايديك حنى عليا
I’m the one who really know who you are انا اللى عارف مقدارك
I can put up with your blaze وطايق نارك
I’m OK with your nonsense وراضى غلبك
and with your bittterness ومرارك
Be a little merciful رقى شوية