Habbeitak bil Seif حبيتك بالصيف (Your Summer Lover) Fairouz

In the days of cold and winter بأيام البرد و أيام الشتي
When the sidewalk is a lake and the street is under water و الرصيف بحيرة و الشارع غريق
This girl comes out of her antique house تجي هاك البنت من بيتها العتيق
He tells her “Wait for me” and she waits for him on the street و يقلها انطريني و تنطرعالطريق
He leaves and forgets about her, while she wilts in winter و يروح و ينساها و تدبل بالشتي
I loved you in the summertime, I loved you in the winter حبيتك بالصيف حبيتك بالشتي
I waited for you in summer, I waited for you in winter نطرتك بالصيف نطرتك بالشتي
Your eyes are summer, my eyes are winter و عيونك الصيف و عيوني الشتي
Our meeting, O darling, is beyond summer and winter ملقانا يا حبيبي خلف الصيف و خلف الشتي
A stranger passed by and gave me a letter مرقت الغريبة عطتني رسالة
My darling wrote it with tears of sadness كتبها حبيبي بالدمع الحزين
I opened the letter, but its letters were missing فتحت الرسالة حروفها ضايعين
Days passed and the years estranged us و مرقت أيام و غربتنا سنين
And the letter’s letters were erased by winter و حروف الرسالة محيها الشتي