Fi Hagat في حاجات (There are Things) Nancy Ajram

There are things that are felt and not spoken, and I can’t ask for them when I need to فى حاجات تتحس ومتتقلش وان جيت اطلبها انا مقدرش
And if you do them when I ask, then there’s no use ولو انت عملتها بعد ما انا اطلبها يبقى مينفعش
There are things that are felt and not spoken, that hurt my heart but don’t show فى حاجات تتحس ومتتقالش توجع فى القلب ومبتبانش
And I’m always caught [lit. tired], between telling you or not saying a word وافضل علطول تعبانه مابين طب اقولك ولا مقولكش
I can’t tell you change your whole way of loving me مقدرش اقولك غير كل طريقة حبك ليا
Or have some jealousy towards me, or surprise me once with a gift او غير عليا ولا فجأنى فى مرة وهاتلى هديه
Or that I experience something I haven’t before الا عنيا بعمل حاجه انا مش عارفاها
I can’t tell you make the world a more beautiful place to me, and change things in me مقدرش اقولك حلى الدنيا فى عينى وغير فيا
No matter how close you are to me لو مهما كنت قريب منى وكنت قريب ليا
I can’t tell you how I want our life to be مقدرش اقولك شكل حياتنا اللى اانا عيزاها
You should know for yourself how I want our life to be اعرف لوحدك شكل حياتنا اللى انا عيزاها
Sometimes it appears that I have stayed quiet and calmed down, pleased, and gotten used to it اوقات بيبان انى سكت وهديت ورضيت واتعودت
This doesn’t mean that you should think I’ve given up مش معنى كده انك علطول تحسبنى انى استسلمت
And sometime you feel that I have gotten bored, really I’m just hiding the tiredness وساعات بتحس انى زهقت مع انى بخبى انى تعبت
Oh my love, don’t let me get to the point where I say “I wish I’d said something” متوصلنيش ياحبيبى اقول ده ياريتنى اتكلمت