Facebooky فيسبوكي (My Facebook) Ahmed Mekky

This an Arabic translation of the 2012 hit Facebooky (My Facebook) by Ahmed Mekky. Mekky, who is best known in Egypt as a comedic actor, has also been a prominent figure in Egypt’s rap scene since the mid-2000s.

فى يوم قاعد فى كوفى شوب بشرب قهوه و سجارة One day I was sitting in a coffee shop having coffee and a cigarette
سرحت قفلت عينى زورت ذكرياتى زيارة I day dreamed, shut my eyes, and took a trip in my memories
سرحت فى اد ايه الدنيا ديه واطية وغداره I thought about how this world is so bad and deceitful
و ان حب الناس 90% منه تجارة And how people’s love is 90% deceit
و ده مش كل اللى افتكره ده عصارة العصارة That’s all I thought of, it’s the summary of the summary
اصلى افتكرت فترة ضعت فيها و دوقت خسارة I actually thought of a time where I was lost and had a taste of loss
على رأى ست كبيرة فى حتتنا الدنيا خيارة  According to an old lady in our neighborhood “life is all about choice
اسمع منى الحدوتة دى وافهم العبارة Listen to my story and learn the moral
انا مليش اكونت على الفيس بوك اسمع من مكى خلو بالكو من اللى بيعمل فيس بوك انه فيس بوكى I don’t have an account on Facebook. Listen to Mekky! Don’t think that that person with an account under my name would is actually me!
حاول تحلقلو تنفضلو وفكك منه او فكى مهما قالك و حلفلك و بعاتلك صورتى Try to get rid of him or stay away, get rid of him and don’t believe him no matter that he says or swears or the pictures of me he sends you
نازل من البيت بليل اجيب فول بيض ذبادى و فينو العشا الرسمى فى مصر طبعا كلنا عرفينه Leaving the house at night to get fuul, yogurt, eggs, and bread… the official dinner of Egypt, yes, we all know it
قابلت واد فائد من الحته فقرى و اسمه نينو I met a boy who was not fully sober, from a poor area and his name was Nino
معه مايا و دخان و بيهزى يخربيت سنينه He had water and smoke and he joking around, what the..!
قالى ينفع يا مكى على الفيس بوك اعملك اد He asked me, “Mekky, can I add you on Facebook”?
انا و احمد معتز و طارق و بك بك وعماد وانت و تنفضلنا التنفيضة السوده دى خد ياض Me, and Ahmed Mu3tazz and Tareq and Bakbak and Emad, you do this to us! Uuhh here you go…!
اعملنا اد اعملنا اد Add us, add us
مش مهم معتز وطارق المهم انا وعماد Mu3tazz and Tareq are not important, Emad and I are!
قالتلو يابنى انت بتهزى ولا بتتكلم جاد انا من زمان بينى و بين الفيس بوك ميت سد و سد I asked him “Are you joking or being serious? For a long time I’ve kept far away from Facebook!”
اخري كان الهاى فايف يمكن و الicq هتقولى عندك فيس بوك هقولك دامن يو The last one I had was Hi5 and maybe ICQ, but if you say you have Facebook then I say ‘Damn You!’
خدنى من ايدى البيت يوريني اصل الموضوع ام فاتح الفيس بوك و لقيت 30 اكونت مصنوع He took me to his house by the hand so he would show me what he meant… He opened Facebook and I saw there were thirty fake accounts
حطين صورتى و كتبين اسمى و عاملين نفسهم اناااا وكل واحد فيهم بيكلم الاااااف فى السنة They have put my picture, and my name, pretending to be me! And each one of them talks to thousands of people a year!
هموت و اعرف بيقولو ايه الناس على لسانى حاجة تخوف ترعب حط نفسك مكانى I would hate to know what people are saying under my name, it’s a scary thing, imagine you were me!
لسة مفوئتش من الصدمة ام نينو ورانى حاجة تانى فاتحلى على الفيس بوك فان بيج مية الف فانز I still haven’t recovered from the shock as Nino showed me another thing.. he opened a fan page that had over 100,000 fans
كاتبين كلام جميل خلى قلبى مرفرف فرحان شكرا الكل من كتب ان كان ليدى او مان They wrote beautiful things that made my heart flutter and be happy… Thanks to everyone who wrote something, whether ladies or men
ملحقتش افرح راحت الفرحة و بقيت قاعد غضبان Just as I was about to be extremely happy, the happiness went away and I sat down, upset
اصل حست اللى عامل الصفحة عيل كتيان I felt that he who created the page was a jerk
متقمصنى و بيتكلم زى دبور فى فيلم مرجان كبر جيهك روق ديهك اخبط ديى يا مان He sole my identity, and he speaks like Daboor from the movie Morgan .. get a life man!
سلاطتك بابا غنوجك و اضربلك خابور كمان Your salad is baba ghanoush and have some veggies as well
فتشت قريت كل اللى كتبه الواد ده لقته هباب دخلت فى لحظة كتبت لكل الصفحة ده واد نصاب I searched, I read everything that person wrote, I found him to be full of it, I wrote on his page telling everyone he’s a liar
مسح اللى كتبتة بسرعة رد و قال هو الكداب فجاة الكل افش كشر ناقص يرمونى بقبقاب He quickly erased my comment. He responded, saying that I’m the liar. Suddenly everyone was mad, and started throwing shoes at me
و بعتلى شتيمة و عملى بلوك و طردنى طرد الكلاب He cursed me, blocked me, and threw me out like a dog
يقطع النت على النتيت على العينتيتو عليه [to be translated]
دورت اكتر و لقيت صفحات على النت باسمي كتيره كل لما افتح صفحة القيها مليانه فتاوى كتيرة I looked more and I found many pages on the net under my name and every time I opened a page I found them to be filled with lies
اخبار حصرى على لسانى و علاقتى بالناس زى الدولارات باليرة Exclusive new using my own tongue and my relationship with the people as easy as the relationship of dollars with the lira
معرفش عنهم حاجة ولا حتى بتجمعنا الجيرة ربنا يشفيهم دول ناس عيانه مش ناس شريرة I don’t know anything about them, we are not even connected by geographical area, may God cure them for these are sick people not only evil
كل ساعة بتصريح متفبرك ليا و كلو حماسة ايشى فن و اخبار شخصية و فتى فى دين و سياسة Every hour there is an exclusive statement coming from me all filled with talks of art, personal news, and opinions on religion and politics
الاغرب انى بلاقى ناس عقلة كبيرة و بتصدق وبتاخد كل اخبارى المكتوبة منهم و بتفرق The strange thing is that I met many people who are old and smart who believe all the news and spread it around
فاوقفت مع نفسى واقفة طويلة و لقيت الحل قررت اعلن فى اغنية انى مليش اكونت او سايت So I thought for a while and found a solution. I would announce with a song that I don’t have an account or site
لو قابلك اى مكى على النت قول له جود نايت If you ever meet any Mekki online, tell him “Good night!”