El Boad Tal البعد طال (We’ve Been Apart for Too Long) Um Kalthum

I swear to god, we’ve been apart for too long, I wonder, does she think about me البعد طال والله عليّ يا هل ترى فكرها فيّ
I’ve asked flowers about her, they said “here’s her odor in me” سألت عنها م الأزهار قالت اهي ريحتها فيّ
I’ve asked birds, they told me “there she is, standing on the water” ورجعت أسأل م الأطيار قالت لي واقفة على الميه
Oh sea breeze, tell her not to deprive me of her messages يانسمة البحر قوليلها تحرمني ليه من رسايلها
Maybe she is afraid that her jealous critics might notice the joy on my face تكونش خايفة عواذلها تلاحظ الفرح عليّ
My soul, why don’t you speak to me, being apart is driving me crazy يا روحي ليه ساكته عني وأنا اللي بعدك جنني
I cry my eyes out, my heart and my eyes miss you الدمع والله فاض مني يا واحشة قلبي وعنيه
I’m a breeze that is coming to you, what are the views around you انا نسمة تسري نواحيكي إيه المناظر حواليكي
I can see their beauty with your eyes, and you can look at them through my eyes أشوف جمالها بعنيكي وتبص فيها بعنيه
We’ve been apart for too long البعد طال