Al Sabb Tafdahoho Eyono الصب تفضحه عيونه (A Lover is Revealed by his Eyes) Um Kalthum

Vocals: Umm Kulthoum
Lyrics: Ahmed Ramy
Composer: Abu Elela Mohamed
Maqam: Rast
Date: 1924

A lover is revealed by his own eyes, his heartaches prove his passion. الصــبّ تَفضحه عُيونه وتَنمّ عن وَجد شــجونه
We conceal our love, and that’s the most killing thing إنا تَكتـــــــَّمنا الهوى والداء أقــــــــتله دَفـينة
Pigeons’ coo stirs us up, and their moan moves us. يَهتاجنا نَوح الحـــــمام وكم يُحـــــرِّكنا أنينه
We let the breeze hold our kisses, would it be honest enough to deliver. ونُحمِّل القُبَل النســـــــيم فــــهل يؤدِّيها أمينه
Hearts have gotten so hard, is there someone to soften your heart, sweety. قَسَـــت القلوب فهل لقلـــبك يا حـبيبي من يُلينه
To comfort a grieving heart whose heartaches won’t go away. فتُريح قَلبا مُدنَفا أسوان لا تَغفى شُــــــــــجونه
memories have passed by, along with passionate nostalgia for the past مَرَّت عليه الذكريات فطال للماضي حَنينه
I’m your intimate lover, I grant you torrential affection وأنا نَجيّك والذي يَسـقيك من ودّي هَتونه
I have what you have, I wonder, who would keep our secret وبي الذي بك يا ترى سرّي وسرّك من يَصونه