Ahl al-Hawa أهل الهوى (The People of Love) Um Katlhum


The people of love, O Night, spend their evenings أهل الهوى يا ليل فاتوا مضاجعهم
They gather together, O Night, in company and I am among them واتجمعوا يا ليل صحبه وأنا معهم
They drag you out, O Night and shorten you, O Night يطولوك يا ليل ويقصروك يا ليل
They drag you out, O Night يطولوك يا ليل من اللي بيهم
And you, O Night, are the only one who knows them وانت يا ليل بس اللى عالم بيهم
Among them are the broken-hearted and those in pain فيهم كسير القلب والمتألم
Those who muffle their complaints and don’t speak واللي كتم شكواه ولم يتكلم
Those who sit alone after their beloveds [have left] واللي قعد بعد الحبايب وحده
And spend the night sad bemoaning their cares and love وبات حزين يشكي هيامه ووجده
Complaining, and no creature hears their complaints يشكو ولا مخلوق سمع شكواهم
But the planets in the heavens hear them إلا الكواكب فى السما سمعاهم
They drag you out, O Night, with sleeplessness and thoughts يطولوك يا ليل بالسهد والأفكار
And after the night, the sun shines day upon them والشمس بعد الليل يطلع عليهم نهار
And after long agony, you return to them , O Night وبعد طول الويل تعود لهم ياليل
And they make you shorter, O Night, in pleasant company ويقصروك ياليل فى صحبه هنيه
On a string that vibrates in accompaniment على وتر رنان فى الصبحية
Among them are lovers who bear affection for their beloved فيهم ياليل خل عطف على خله
And they sing them a tune of love, and their beloved sings it back ويقوله لحن الشوق وخله يقول له
They shorten you, O Night, in joy and good cheer ويقصروك ياليل على هنا وسرور
And after the night, the sun shines its light upon them والشمس بعد الليل يطلع عليهم نور
And they ask you, “O Night, when are you coming back?” ويسألوك ياليل امتى تعود ياليل
From their hearts, people say “O Night” ناس من قلوبهم تقول ياليل
And people play on the arghul [a type of musical instrument; see here], “O Night” وناس على الأرغول تقول ياليل
And with us a full moon rises in a night of destiny واحنا معانا بدر طالع فى ليلة قدر
Where the beloved is true to his vows فيها حبيب القلب وافا ووفى الندر
He says “O Night” and we say “O Night” هو يقول ياليل واحنا نقول ياليل
And we all say “O Night,” and the people of love say “O Night” وكلنا بنقول ياليل أهل الهوى ياليل