Turn up the speakers and hop on the party boat because you’ve just arrived at the most helpful place to learn about Arabic music and what the lyrics mean in English!

We are a group of translators – both volunteer and professional – who are brought together by our love for Arabic music and a desire to see it more widely appreciated.

This site was launched in August 2019. We are adding new songs as fast as we can. But we need your help!

To start with, we are embarking on a project to translate the full song catalogue of Um Kalthum into English, starting with some of her earliest works which to date have gone un-translated. But we are also adding music from other contemporary and classical artists – no Arabic music is off limits!

We hope you will get in touch and get involved (please see below for specific opportunities)

How To Request A Song

To request a song for translation, please join our Facebook Group or Tweet at us.

How To Translate A Song

If you’d like to translate a song, please use the contact form. Make sure to include

  • A YouTube link to the song and version you are translating
  • A side-by-side translation (preferably in Google Docs format) of your translation with English on the left side and Arabic on the right.

Our Favorite Arabic Music Links 

  • Arabic Music Translation: Sadly no longer updated, this site has over 800 Arabic-English translations of classic and modern Arabic tunes. A wonderful archive of work.
  • Shira.net: Dedicated to all things belly dancing, and a great resource for information on the intersection of Arabic music and dance.
  • Radio Bastet Podcast: An absolute treasure trove of podcasts created from an unparalleled collection of vintage vinyl Arabic music. Great for high energy cooking sessions 🙂
  • Makan: If you’re ever in Cairo you must go here. The Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts is perhaps the only place where you can hear a fusion of zar music, traditional Arabic music and modern instrumentation in a wonderfully relaxed setting. A national treasure. Their YouTube channel is here.